In 2025, the most famous wedding procession style has been the groom riding in a vintage car with his baraat. Everyone knows that using a vintage car, built 80 to 100 years ago, is quite a trend. Believe me, it is indeed very stylish. Vintage cars are captivating machines, often carrying the unmistakable contours of a Rolls Royce. They attract everyone’s attention and admiration. It has been frequently observed that when the groom arrives at the venue in a vintage car, a crowd gathers around to take photos with it. Therefore, this trend tops our list of the most popular wedding procession ideas.

2. Flower-Decorated Buggy

Next on our list is a beautifully decorated buggy. The roof is fully adorned with Rajnigandha flowers, and the buggy itself is decorated with Anthurium, Carnation, Gerbera, Gladiolus, Orchid, Lily, and Chrysanthemum flowers. This buggy can give a truly royal look. It is pulled by four horses, creating a majestic entrance. When you look back at your photos and videos, you’ll be transported back to that moment.

3. DJ on Wheels

Third on our list is the DJ on Wheels. This trend features a high-quality sound system set up on a moving platform, glittering with lights and wall screens like a DJ setup. The groom’s name is displayed on a light board on top, creating an astonishing look. This setup ensures that everyone, young and old, gets lost in the baraat. It’s the best idea for making your baraat grand and memorable.

4. Traditional Groom on Horse

At number four, we have the groom riding a horse. You might think this is not a trend because it’s always been the tradition for grooms to arrive on horseback. However, it’s currently trending on Instagram reels. You can see sisters of the groom dancing in front of the horse, gaining millions of views. It’s a simple yet trending style and a cost-effective option for the baraat.

5. Stylish Dhol Players

Number five on our list features stylish dhol players. You’ve probably seen many reels where dhol players perform in goggles and fancy dress, creating an extraordinary vibe with their songs and beats. If you want something unique and trending for your baraat, this is the way to go.

6. Chariot with Cold Pyros and Confetti Guns

In sixth place, we have the chariot adorned with cold pyros and confetti guns. This trend makes the baraat more exciting and is popular for gaining likes and views on Instagram. Gone are the days when baraats were just about songs and dhol beats. This new trend is transforming Indian baraats completely.

7. Theme Baraat

For a unique look, consider a theme baraat. If you have a favorite color and want your team members to match, you can have band members, dhol players, buggies, and more in your chosen style and color. This will set your baraat apart from the traditional ones. Contact your band company to plan this.

8. Stylish Name Banner

Finally, we have stylish name banners for the bride and groom. These are trending on Instagram reels and are very popular for their unique and stylish look. They have become the focal point of photography at weddings. If you want this for your baraat, give us a call.

These are some of the most famous and trending ideas for a baraat in 2025. They will not only make your baraat unique but also stylish, creating lasting memories through photographs and videos of this once-in-a-lifetime event.